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This hacker has been going around making a name for himself on the site.
He'll hack into your account,but lay low for at least a week.
You'll never know he is there until you start seeing pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine saved on your
This will continue for a while until a journal with title 'It's too late' is posted on your profile.
The journal will be nothing but lyrics to the song 'Hungry like a wolf' by Duran Duran.
Then he will change your password and begin sending notes to your watchers asking them for sexual favors in return for stock in Slim Jims.
He will post poorly drawn My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic fan art on your profile,most of which involve Pinkie Pie reciting passages from The Old Testament while wearing various outfits from 1970's Sears catalogs.
After five days time,he will delete at least four of your watchers randomly and tag every single person that YOU watch in almost every single post.
Then he will begin to write disturbing letters about Barack Obama with screen-caps from those really weird commercials.
Finally after enough time has passed,he will delete all of your contents,hack into your bank account, force you to buy a 7-year premium membership, change your username to a variation of OHMYGODLOOKATTHOSESHOESTHEONESWITHELACE, and post 37 pictures of his odd misshapen nipples on your account.

Post this in your journal to let your watchers know that you haven't been hacked and warn them about this rampant hacker!Stand up and Fight!Don't let yourself become his latest victim!

I don't know if this is true but 
just incase I'm posting this


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Austin Lister
United States
My Name is Austin Lister I am a fan fiction writer and an artist I have mild Asperger Syndrome I enjoy Video games, Tennis, Creating Characters, writing and reading fan fiction I love to laugh and make people laugh if I were to describe myself as some
characters from TV shows it would be
Sneezy: The 7D
Uncle Grandpa: Uncle Grandpa
Joe : Impractical jokers
Schmidt: New Girl
and for any fictional character crush's I would have on they be Giant Realistic Flying Tiger from Uncle Grandpa, Morello and crazy eyes from Orange is the new black Well See ya
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pamlaisly232 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
our rps can be the spinoff show the Glooms totally deserve! 
mrteamedward15 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
pamlaisly232 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015
the ds will only have cameos when the plot needs them!
mrteamedward15 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015
Faxerton30 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
MyTotalBeymon Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
Rp is really fun :D
mrteamedward15 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
I only Role played the 7d so far (if you don't know what the 7D is please look it up)
MyTotalBeymon Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
I like Role-playing Pokemon :)
mrteamedward15 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
I never Role played Pokémon before
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pamlaisly232 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
rp with u is fun
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